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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Services In Canberra

Brush Bar offers seamless and top-class exterior painting services at a reasonable cost. We are among the industry leaders. The dedication, hard work, and zeal to deliver flawless work are the reason behind our success. When you visit us for consultation, we will provide you the structure that we follow for painting projects. If it suits your expectation and needs, finalize the deal, and we will begin the work immediately.

Duration for completing the work:

Well, the time that we take depends on the size of the project. With your permission, we can employ a large number of people to finish the work faster. But at the same time, we will also consider the budget you fix and abide by the limitations so that you have zero inconveniences. However, let us share the guidelines that we follow to finish the painting works.

Step 1 - Preparation

The outer surface of the wall has a lot of accumulations. It prevents the application of paint smoothly unless prepared for it. Our team will arrive on the first day with the equipment and put them into the position. The purpose is to find the best area for easy cleaning and repairs if necessary.

Step 2 - Sealing

When cleaning up the walls, we come across many areas that are in poor condition and need sealing before starting the application work. Therefore, the experts from our company will get busy with the repair work. And ensure giving enough time so that the cracks and holes are closed, so the surface is smooth for painting.

Step 3 - First coat/layer

On day two or three, painters will begin painting works because the wall has to remain dry after the repairs. When the primary layer is applied, the appearance of the wall is not exactly what you want. However, you will have an idea of where you are heading and the outcome.

Step 4 - Final Coat

The team of painters usually prefers three coats to ensure that perfect look. If the paint is of good quality, then two layers are enough for the final touch. If you speak to the experts, their suggestion is different for freshly rendered walls. However, let us handle the work while you may relax.

Hence, consider us as your local painter for exterior painting works that can deliver a durable weatherproof coating. Feel free to contact us for details. We are at your service.

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